Madrid Airport Train

Your Guide to the Railway Services of Madrid Barajas Airport

The Train Lines Serving MAD Airport

Suarez International Airport is connected to Madrid via two train lines, C1 and C10. The two suburban RENFE lines depart from the airport train station, located at the underground level of T4, and reach many hub stations and areas of the Spanish Capital. Chamartin Railway Station and Atocha Train Station are included on the two RENFE trains’ routes to their terminus. The C1 commuter train ends its journey from the airport to Príncipe Pío, while C10 travels to Villalba. Both lines provide passengers with comfortable services as they are equipped with comfy carriages and designated luggage storage space, while they don’t make too many stops on their way.

Explicitly, the airport railway lines make the following stops during their route from Madrid Airport to the city center:  

C1 Stops: Aeropuerto 4 – Valdebebas – Fuente de la Mora – Chamartin –  Nuevos Ministerios – Recoletos – Atocha – Méndez Álvaro – Delicias – Piramides – Principe Pio

C10 Stops: Aeropuerto 4 – Valdebebas – Fuente de la Mora – Chamartin –  Nuevos Ministerios – Recoletos – Atocha – Méndez Álvaro – Principe Pio – Villalba

Train Time Schedule from Madrid Airport

The RENFE trains are efficient, value for money, and fast (often faster than the metro services). However, they don’t run during the night. Thus, the Cercanias (the regional rail system in Madrid) Train C1 leaves the airport at 06:02 am and operates until 00:01 am with a 30-minutes frequency. On the other hand, C10 starts running at 05:46 am, while its last route heads to Villalba Station at 10:47 pm. It also runs every 30 minutes. Thus, the waiting time at the airport railway station for the next train to arrive shouldn’t exceed 15 minutes under normal circumstances. 

The traveling time to Chamartin Station is 16 minutes and to Atocha hub 31 minutes. Moreover, rides to the Nuevos Ministerios Station last 23 minutes, to Méndez Álvaro 35 minutes, while Principe Pio is reached in about 43 minutes and the terminus Villala in 80 minutes. 

Our Tip: You can download the RENFE App to stay always abreast of the Madrid RENFE trains’ schedule.

Suarez International Airport Train Station

The railway station of Madrid Airport is at the -1 level of terminal building 4, and its official name is Aeropuerto T4. Helpful and adequate signs, scattered all over the airport, guide passengers to the station’s location. Madrid airport terminals are linked by a free shuttle bus, running 24/7 every 8-10 minutes during the daytime, and every 20-40 from 09:30 pm to 05:30 am. Hence, if you are landing at T1, T2, or T3 of MAD Airport and have already decided to reach your destination in Madrid via train, transferring from your terminal to the T4 airport railway station won’t trouble you.

Train Tickets from Madrid Airport

The Cercanias short-distance trains are an affordable option for airport transfers. A one-way ticket from Aeropuerto 4 to four zones of the city of Madrid costs 2.60€/2.60$, while for a return transfer, you’ll have to pay 5.20€/5.20$. Please keep in mind that tickets must be used within 2 hours from the purchase time, while in the case of return trips, the return transfer must take place until the next day. Tickets are available through the automatic ticket machines at the airport’s train station.

If you are going to use the train a lot during your stay, you should buy a Bonotren RENFE ticket. Bonotren tickets are actually 10-journey tickets with 1-month validity. Their price is 18.55€/18.55$ for 4 areas of Madrid. However, they can only be used for the route chosen at the time of the purchase. Tourist passes are also an option. In any case, you can get a Multi-Card (2.5€/2.5$). Multi-Cards are rechargeable. Thus, you won’t have to buy a ticket every time you want to take the train. When purchasing a tourist pass, you get the Multi-Card for free. 

Our Tip 1: You should always keep your ticket until the end of your journey, as you may have to use it to exit the destination station.

Our Tip 2: Passengers who have bought a ticket for AVE trains can use the commuter trains without extra charge. 

Our Tip 3: For more info, you can check the official RENFE website. 


Type of TicketOne-Two ZonesThree ZonesFour Zones
Single Ticket1.70€/1.70$1.85€/1.85$2.60€/2.60$
Bonotren Ticket10€/10$13.70€/13.70$18.55€/18.55$


Does Madrid Airport have a train station?

Two RENFE trains handle the rail transfers from Madrid Airport to the city of Madrid, the C1 and the C10 train lines. The airport’s train station is located at the T4, on the -1 level, and is called Aeropuerto 4. For passengers arriving at the other terminals, a free airport shuttle is available to transfer them to T4.

How much is the train from Madrid Airport to city center?

A one-way ticket from MAD Airport to Madrid costs 2.60€/2.60$ (for 4 Madrid zones), while for a return trip, you’ll have to pay 5.20€/5.20$. Tickets must be used during the 2 hours following the purchase. However, outward transfers are possible until the next day.