How to Get from Madrid Airport to City Center

Transit Options from Madrid Airport to City Center

Transferring from Madrid Airport to the city center is no hardship, as depending on your needs, you’ll find the right transportation means to meet your criteria. If comfort and ease are at the top of your list, a comfortable Madrid airport taxi or a luxurious private transfer service should be your call. On the other hand, Madrid car rentals will speak to your heart if you want to organize your trip at your own pace. Last but not least, when it comes to saving money, Madrid airport public transportation modes (bus, metro, train) will definitely be your allies.


OptionsPrice (€)Price($)Duration
Taxi30€30$20 min
Bus - Airport Express5€5$35-45 min
Train2.60€ 2.60$31 min
Metro 4.50 €-5€4.50 $-5$45 min

Madrid Airport to City Center by Taxi

Madrid airport taxis are the most convenient way to reach your destination in the city center. The white taxi vehicles, with the red stripes and the city’s emblem on their sides, are lining up at the airport taxi ranks, no matter the time or the day. Each terminal is equipped with two taxi ranks, one at the departures and one at the arrivals level, while passengers are highly advised to hire their cabs exclusively from the official ranks to avoid getting overcharged. 

Madrid taxis are metered. However, the ride from the airport to the city center (M-30 zone) is set at 30€/30$, even if the transfer takes place during the night or on public holidays. Moreover, luggage isn’t charged extra. 

Our Tip: Your ride should last about 25-30 minutes. However, please keep in mind that during peak hours, the levels of traffic rise. Thus, your taxi transfer to the city center may take up to 40-50 minutes.

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Madrid Airport to City Center by Bus

An airport express bus, Bus Line 203, handles the transfers between Madrid Airport and Atocha Train Station. The yellow express buses with the “Airport Express Aeropuerto” sign run 24/7 and leave the two bus stops located at the Departures and Arrivals levels of T1 and T2, as well as from the T4 bus stand situated at the terminal’s ground level, and reach their terminus in about 45 minutes, depending on the departure terminal and the roads’ congestion. With a 15-20-minute frequency during the day and a 35-minutes during the nighttime, Bus 203 may operate 24/7, yet from 11:30 pm to 06:00 am, its route ends at Plaza de la Cibeles, as Atocha Train Station is open until 11:30 pm. During this time, the bus gets the name N27 Exprés Aeropuerto. The bus tickets cost 5€/5$ and can be bought inside the bus in cash, via a contactless bank card, or by using a mobile device. 

Our Tip 1: From Atocha Station, Centro is only 1.5km away, which is a 22-minutes walking distance. 

Our Tip 2: Two urban EMT buses also serve the airport (Bus Lines 101 and 200). However, their terminus is much further from the city center, and they make lots of intermediate stops.

Our Tip 3: For more info, check the EMT website.

Madrid Airport to City Center by Train

Two train lines leave Aeropuerto 4, Madrid airport’s train station located at the underground level of T4, and reach Atocha Station (1.5km from the city center) in about 31 minutes. The RENFE commuter trains are comfortable, with adequate luggage storage space, and make limited intermediate stops on their way, all to major hubs of the city. Still, they don’t run during the night. C1 operates from 06:02 am to 00:01 am, and C10 from 05:46 am to 10:47 pm. Both train lines have available routes every 30 minutes, while their schedule doesn’t overlap. Thus, a train departs from Aeropuerto 4 every 15 minutes. For passengers arriving at one of the other 3 MAD terminals, a free shuttle bus is on tap around the clock. 

Train tickets for Cercanias trains have 2.60€/2.60$ for a one-way trip and 5.20€/5.20$ for a return one and can be purchased by the station’s automatic vendors. When buying a ticket, you must use it during the next 2 hours, while the return ticket is valid until the next day. 

Our Tip 1: Bonotren tickets (10-ride tickets) are also available, as well as Tourist passes. 

Our Tip 2: If you have already bought an AVE ticket, you can use the RENFE trains without charge.

Our Tip 3: To learn more, please visit the RENFE website.

Madrid Airport to City Center by Metro

Madrid Airport is connected to the city via the Pink Metro Line 8. However, Metro Line 8 terminates at Nuevos Ministerios Station, where a transfer to Metro Line 10 is required. Trains leave the two airport subway stations, Aeropuerto 4 and the metro station serving T1, T2, and T3 located on the first floor of T2, from 6:05 am to 01:33 am, and reach their terminus in 20, and 15 minutes respectively. Their routes are frequent (every 6-8 minutes during the day and every 15 minutes from 00:00 am to 01:33 am). From Nuevos Ministerios, you can hop on the Blue Line 10 to Tribunal Station, 1.5-2km from Centro. Alternatively, you can take the Light Blue Line 1 to Valdecarros. Your total journey will last approximately 45 minutes, while it should cost you 4.50€-5€/4.50$-5$, depending on your disembarking point. This price includes a single metro ticket and the airport extra fee. Tickets can be bought from the stations’ automatic machines.

Our Tip 1: The metro trains have limited space for luggage. 

Our Tip 2: Multi tickets and Tourist Cards are available for the Madrid metro network too. 

Our Tip 3: For more details, please visit the Metro website.

Car Rental from Madrid Airport to City Center

Enjoy a totally independent journey to Madrid by renting a car at the airport. In that way, you won’t have to check the available routes of public transport or try to find a cab to take you to your destination. All you’ll have to do is enter your Madrid car rental and start your day! Plenty of car rental companies are present at the airport, providing efficient services at competitive prices. Thus, if you opt for car hire, you have to drive to M-14 and take the M-40 and M-23 to Calle de O’Donnell. From that point, you have to follow Calle de O’ Donnell and C. de Alcalá to reach Madrid city center.

Private Airport Transfers from Madrid Airport to City Center

Have you settled on putting comfort and convenience as your priority during your trip to Madrid? In that case, traveling via public transportation shouldn’t be an option. On the other hand, Madrid airport taxis are comfortable, yet they don’t come even close to the lavish private transfers from the airport to the city center. Hence, you can scan the private transfer companies operating at MAD Airport, compare the provided services and find the ideal transportation service for you in no time.


How much does it cost from Madrid Airport to city center?

Madrid airport taxis charge a flat fee of 30€/30$ for a transfer to the city center, while the ticket for the Express Bus 203 costs 5€/5$. On the other hand, a single train ticket is  2.60€/2.60$, whereas if you decide to take the Metro Line 8, you’ll have to pay 4.50€-5€/4.50$-5$, depending on your disembarkation station. 

How much is a taxi from Madrid Airport to city center?

Although Madrid taxis are metered and their fare depends on the departure and arrival points as well as on the traversed distance, the tariff from the airport to the city center is set at 30€/30$. No extra fees apply for night rides or luggage.