Madrid Car Rental

How to Find the Perfect Car Rental in Madrid

Rent a Car in Madrid

Even though Madrid public buses, subway, and suburban trains join forces to form a highly efficient public transportation system while the almost 16.000 taxis provide fast and comfortable transfers, when it comes to autonomy and independence, Madrid car rentals leave any other mode of transport behind. Hence, if you want to plan your everyday itinerary in your own way, a car rental will be your greatest ally. However, how can you achieve the best car hire deal in Madrid?

Do I Need to Rent a Car in Madrid?

That depends. Are you planning on narrowing your exploration to Madrid city center? In that case, a car seems unnecessary and, on top of that, inconvenient. Traveling via the Madrid metro is significantly cheaper and faster. Opting for a car for your transfers inside the city center entails a time-consuming and tiring effort to find a parking spot, as well as a waste of time being stuck in the road traffic during peak hours. On the contrary, car hire is ideal for exploring the nearby areas along with cities and attractions located within a further distance from Madrid.

How to Rent a Car in Madrid?

If you want to achieve the best car rental experience in Madrid, you should follow 3 steps. Firstly, do your research. Explore all the car rental companies present in Madrid and afterward compare their prices and deals thoroughly. After reaching your decision, all you have to do is enter the company’s website and fill out the necessary booking forms. 

Our Tip 1: The earlier you book your car rental, the better prices you’ll come upon. 

Our Tip 2: Please always choose the fuel-to-fuel policy. In that way, you are going to refill the car before dropping it off. This is advisable as local gas stations have lower prices than the ones the car rental companies charge for fuel. 

Our Tip 3: Car rental agencies charge per day. Hence, you should choose wisely the dropping-off time to avoid getting charged for an extra day.

What Documents Do I Need for Car Hire in Spain?

Renting a car in Spain requires the usual documents. Thus, an ID/Passport must be handed to the car rental company, along with a credit card and at least a 2-year valid driving license. Please note that if your country of origin doesn’t belong to the EU, you’ll have to issue an IDM (International Driver’s Permit).

How Old Do you Have to Be to Rent a Car in Madrid?

Although the minimum age for obtaining a driving license in Spain is 18 years of age, renting a car isn’t allowed for drivers younger than 21 years old. As a matter of fact, some car categories (luxury cars, etc.) aren’t available for drivers between 21 and 24 years of age. What’s more, younger drivers (younger than 25 years) may have to pay an additional fee.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Car in Madrid?

The final cost of your car rental depends on numerous factors. First and foremost, each car type has a different price list. Mini cars are cheaper, whereas compact vehicles, SUVs, convertibles, etc. have higher prices. Moreover, the renting period and its duration also affect the fares. In general terms, the longer the renting time is, the lower the prices are. Generally speaking, a mini car in Madrid costs approximately 15€/15$/day and a compact 21€/21$ for a day’s use.

Where Should I Rent my Car in Madrid?

During your search for a cheap car rental in Madrid, you’ll come across plenty of car rental companies operating either globally or at a domestic level. Thus, finding the best value-for-money car rental is only a matter of searching and comparing. However, it is highly advisable to avoid renting your car at the airport. Even if it is by far the most convenient option, it is surely not the most affordable one.

Where Can I Leave my Rental Car in Madrid?

There are numerous car rental drop-off locations scattered around Madrid. From the airport to the major transport hubs and the most popular sightseeing, you should find a drop-off point near your desired location and leave your car rental with ease and comfort.

Can I Rent a Car without Insurance?

Third-party liability insurance is necessary by law for renting a car in Madrid. This insurance is usually included in the car rental price. However, you can also opt for full-coverage insurance that fully covers you in case of an accident or other damage. Generally, a car hire without insurance isn’t allowed. Nevertheless, you should always check if the credit card used for the car rental booking offers some type of insurance coverage.

How Can I Rent a Car Without a Credit Card?

A credit card is commonly required for renting a car in Madrid. Nevertheless, some car rental agencies also accept bookings via debit cards. However, you should keep in mind that this may not be the case when luxury car types are concerned.

What is the Most Popular Car in Madrid?

Mini cars and economy vehicles are usually preferred for car renting in Madrid. Hyundai Accent and Ford Escape are the most popular cars in their category, while Fiat Panda and Toyota Aygo are listed at the top among the mini cars.

Is Parking Expensive in Madrid?

Free parking in Madrid city center is almost non-existing. While Madrid Central (the area right in the heart of the city) is restricted to vehicles, public parking nearby is allowed upon payment. Please note that parking in Madrid is divided into zones. In the blue parking spots, you can park for up to 4 hours, while in the green for 2 hours only. However, many private car parks provide adequate yet rather expensive services. Thus, the most affordable way to park your car in Madrid is to use one of the many free parking lots located outside the city center and reach Madrid downtown via public transportation.

What’s More to Know about Madrid Car Rentals?

Here are some useful extra tips to keep in mind when renting a car in Madrid:

  • It is recommended to take many pics of your car rental before leaving the pick-up location. In that way, you’ll be able to prove any already existing damages. 
  • The alcohol limit in Madrid is 0.5. 
  • Madrid drivers tend to drive rather aggressively. Thus, you should always be focused and respect traffic laws. 
  • Please keep your car rental papers and documents with you at all times.
  • If you wear glasses, you are obligated by Spanish legislation to have a spare pair with you.