How to Get from Madrid Airport to Atocha Train Station

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Transit Options from Madrid Airport to Atocha Train Station

Atocha Train Station is the central railway hub of the Spanish Capital. Located near the city center and 16km from Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas Airport, Atocha Renfe is the biggest station in Spain, serving domestic and international destinations, with Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia, Marseille, and even Paris being among them. The station handles both AVE and RENFE train transfers and overall is the place to be if you want to travel in Spain by train. Hence, Atocha is often the final Madrid destination for passengers arriving at Barajas Airport. Fortunately, the transfer options from the airport to the rail station are efficient and various: Madrid airport taxis, car hire, private transfers, bus, metro, and train. Reflect on your options, and depending on your needs, desires, and budget, take your pick!


OptionsPrice (€)Price ($)Duration
Taxi30€30$25-30 min
Bus - Airport Express5€5$35-45 min
Train2.60€2.60$31 min
Metro5€5$43 min

Madrid Airport to Atocha Train Station by Taxi

The white, red-striped Madrid airport taxis are available around the clock outside all the MAD terminals, providing fast, efficient, and direct transfers from Madrid airport to Atocha Train Station. Madrid taxis are metered, so the taximeter forms their final tariff. However, as the Atocha Rail Hub is located inside the M-30 inner-city ring, a flat fee is applied for airport transfers. Thus, whatever time of the day you may land at MAD Airport, the cost for your airport taxi ride to the train station will be 30€/30$ and the travel duration will be 25-30 minutes. During rush hours, you should be prepared for up to 45-minute rides due to the traffic levels.

Our Tip 1: Always hire your cab from the official taxi ranks, lying at each terminal’s Arrivals and Departures levels to avoid getting scammed by unlicensed taxi drivers. 

Our Tip 2: No extra fees are applied for luggage or night transfers.

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Madrid Airport to Atocha Train Station by Bus

The Airport Express Bus 203 combines speed with money-saving and offers quick and efficient rides to the central railway station. The 203 buses are yellow and have 3 stops at Madrid Airport: one at T1, one at T2, and at T4. T1 and T2 have two bus stands, at the Departures and the Arrivals levels, while the bus stop of T4 is to be found on the ground level. Please note that if your arrival terminal is T3, you’ll have to hop on the free airport bus to one of the other terminals or simply walk the 450m to T2. 

The Airport Express Bus 203 runs around the clock, with a 15-20-minute frequency during the daytime and a 35-minutes during the night, and reaches Atocha Station in about 35-45 minutes, making only 2 stops on its way. From 11:30 pm to 06:00 am, the bus takes the name N27 Exprés Aeropuerto and travels up to Plaza de la Cibeles. However, during that time, Atocha Station is closed as its operating hours are from 6:00 am and 11:30 pm. 

The ticket for Bus 203 costs 5€/5$ and is available inside the bus. Payments can be made in cash, via contactless bank cards, or with a mobile device. It should be mentioned that Tourist passes and multi-journey tickets aren’t valid for this bus line. 

Our Tip 1: For more info, please check the official EMT website.

Our Tip 2:The Bus 203 is a comfortable enough public transportation option, as it is equipped with designated areas for luggage storage.

Madrid Airport to Atocha Train Station by Train

From Aeropuerto 4, the Barajas airport train station located at level -1 of T4, two Cercanias short-distance trains, C1 and C10, depart every 30 minutes heading to Madrid city center. As their schedule doesn’t coincide, trains depart from Aeropuerto 4 every 15 minutes. Passengers who land at the other 3 airport terminals have to take the free airport shuttle that handles the between-terminals connection to reach the airport rail station. 

In any case, C1 runs from 06:02 am to 00:01 am, and C10 from 05:46 am to 10:47, while their ride duration to Atocha Train Station is 31 minutes. Their ticket fare is 2.60€/2.60$, while return trips cost 5.20€/5.20$. Please keep in mind that one-way tickets must be validated within 2 hours, whereas return tickets can be used up to the next day. Tourist passes and 10-journey tickets are also an option for these train lines.

Our Tip 1: Commuter RENFE trains have plenty of luggage storage space.

Our Tip 2: Passengers who have bought an AVE ticket can use the RENFE trains without extra charge.

Madrid Airport to Atocha Train Station by Metro

There is only one metro line, the Airport Pink Metro Line 8, serving the connection of Suarez International Airport to the city center. Metro line 8 operates from  6:05 am to 01:33 and stops at Aeropuerto 4 and at the metro station serving terminals T1, T2, and T3 located on the T2 first floor. Its routes depart every 6-8 minutes during the daytime and every 15 minutes from midnight to the end of its shift (01:33 am). 

Nevertheless, the Airport Metro Line 8 doesn’t offer a direct transfer to Atocha Station. Hence, two change lines are required to get to the central rail hub of Madrid. Explicitly, you’ll have to take the Metro Line 8 to Nuevos Ministerios Station, change to Line 10 to Puerta del Sur until the Tribunal Station, and finally, hop on the Metro Line 1 to Valdecarros and disembark at Atocha Station. The total journey will last about 43 minutes. The Madrid metro system is very easy to use. Still, the trains don’t have enough space for luggage. On the other hand, multiple transfers between lines can be exhausting, especially if you carry lots of baggage with you.

Anyhow, you’ll have to buy one single metro ticket for your transfer, paying 2€/2$, plus a 3€/3$ airport surcharge. Additionally, to use those tickets, you’ll have to purchase a Multi-Card 2.50€/2.50$, which functions as a digital wallet. Thus, the best value-for-money option for metro transfers from the airport is to buy a Tourist card, as you won’t be charged for the Multi-Card, and you won’t have to pay the airport fee. 

Our Tip: For more details, please visit the Metro website.

Car Rental from Madrid Airport to Atocha Train Station 

Renting a car at Madrid Airport is the ideal transfer option for an independent and hassle-free journey in Madrid. As various car rental companies are present at MAD Airport, the provided services are top-rated and their prices are competitive. On the other hand, if you opt for Madrid car hire, you won’t face any difficulties reaching Atocha Station. To start your 25-minute ride to the station, you’ll have to take the M-14 for about 4.5km and then reach the M-40 to  Av. del Mediterráneo/A-3. After about 10km, you’ll take the Paseo de la R. Cristina Street to  P.º de la Infanta Isabel before getting to the Atocha Rail Station.

Private Airport Transfers from Madrid Airport to Atocha Train Station

Nothing’s more relaxed and comfortable than reaching Atocha Train Station by private transfer. Private transfer companies provide personalized, high-quality transportation services from Madrid Airport to Atocha Station. If you are up for a top-rated airport transfer, explore your options and pick the best value-for-money private ride to the train depot.


What is the main train station in Madrid?

The central station of Madrid is named Atocha Train Station and is situated close to the city center. Atocha Rail Complex serves domestic and international train rides and is a hub for both commuter RENFE and high-speed AVE trains.

How do I get from Madrid Airport to Atocha?

You’ll find plenty of options for your transfer from Barajas Airport to the Atocha Train Station. Thus, airport taxis and private transfers are the most convenient alternatives, while the Airport Bus 203 and the Cercanias trains offer fast and affordable rides. Finally, the subway is also an option, yet it requires 2 changes of lines.