Madrid Taxis

Everything from Taxi Fares to Useful Hints about Madrid Taxis

Taxis in Madrid: Overview

Madrid taxis are there for the taking, no matter the day, the time, or the weather conditions. More than 15.600 taxis circulate in Madrid, offering quick and comfortable rides to every destination inside and outside the city limits. Madrid taxis, white with a red stripe on their side and the emblem of the city displayed on their doors, have a green light turned on to indicate their availability. Overall, even if the Madrid transportation system is well implemented, a taxi remains the most convenient way to reach your destination, without wasting time or going through the fuss of navigating yourself around the city and traveling squeezed in the public transport during the peak hours. However, it is worth mentioning that traffic in Madrid is a common fact, meaning that the ride’s duration and price often exceed the expected outcome. At the same time, the official taxi price list is obligatory for all taxis and destinations, yet it tends to be confusing.

Madrid Taxi Fares

Taxi fares in Madrid are governmentally defined. Thus, although Madrid cabs are metered -in other words, their tariff is formed by a taximeter- the price list and the charges are strictly set and implied for every taxi vehicle. This price regulation was a result of the overcharging phenomenon used to describe the city’s taxis. However, as protected as the passengers may be from scamming incidents, the official taxi charging system is really complicated. 

Hence, the taxi tariffs are divided into 7 categories, depending on the time of the day, the traversed distance, and the departure and arrival points. 

  • Rate 1: applies every day from Monday to Friday, from 07:00 am to 9:00 pm. The initial tariff is 2.50€/2.50$, and the cost per km is 1.15€/1.15$. Waiting time is charged at 22€(22$)/h. 
  • Rate 2: applies every day from 09:00 pm to 07:00 am (night tariff) and during weekends and holidays. The starting price is 3.15€/3.15$, and the price per km is 1.40.€/1.40$. Finally, for waiting time, 25.30€(25.30$)/h is paid. 
  • Rate 3: concerns airport taxis that head to the areas outside Madrid M-30 but within a 9.5km distance from the airport. The initial fee is 20€/20$, the price for every km is 1.15€/1.15$, and the cost for waiting time is 22€(22$)/h. Please note that after 9.5km, the relevant zone tariff is applied and there is no extra cost for night rides.
  • Rate 4: concerns taxis that travel from Madrid Airport to the city center (M-30 area). The price for these rides is fixed, at 30€/30$, no matter day or night. No other extra charges may apply. 
  • Rates 5-6: are implemented for journeys out of the APC.
  • Rate 7: applies day and night for less than 1.450m rides, starting from Chamartin and Atocha station, from the bus stations Méndez Álvaro and Avenida de América, and the IFEMA facilities. The initial fare is 7.50€/7.50$, each km is charged 1.15€/1.15$, and the waiting time costs 22€(22$)/h.

There are no other supplement charges apart from the extra fees for Christmas and New Year’s Eve transfers. Still, those surcharges don’t apply to the fixed rate from the airport (Rate 4). 

Madrid Taxis: Payment Methods

Taxi drivers in Madrid accept payments both in cash or via credit/debit card. However, it is advisable to have some euros with you, in case the POS is broken, currently out of service, etc. Taxi drivers are obligated to give change from 20€/20$. Hence, you should carry small bills to pay for your taxi transfer.

How to Hire a Taxi in Madrid

Hiring a taxi in Madrid isn’t a hard task, as Madrid taxis are numerous and are to be found everywhere in the city. Hence, if you want to take your taxi the traditional way, you can simply raise your hand and hail it from the street. Taxis whose rooftop green light is on are available. Moreover, taxi stands are dispersed all over the city. From the bus and train stations to the major attractions and the busiest areas of Madrid, taxi ranks are all over, marked by a blue sign and the letter “T” in white. If you opt for a taxi from the taxi ranks, please remember that you ought to take the first in line.

Alternatively, you can order a taxi via phone or taxi apps. Many radio taxi/taxi companies operate in Madrid. However, you should keep in mind that their charge starts as soon as they head off to pick you up. On the other hand, taxi apps, such as Pidetaxi, My Taxi, and Cabify, are also on tap.

Madrid Taxi to Madrid Barajas Airport

A Madrid taxi is the ideal way to reach the airport with ease and convenience. The red-stripped, white vehicles provide premium, fast and safe transfer services. Is your departure point inside the M-30 zone of Madrid? Your Madrid taxi ride to Madrid Airport will cost 30€/30$, no matter the day, the time, the luggage, or any other factor. Otherwise, for destinations outside the inner city ring, Rate 3 is applied. Therefore, the cost of your transfer will be calculated by the taximeter. In any case, you’ll have your personal items safely stored in the taxi’s trunk, and you’ll directly reach the airport without any hassle.

Useful Hints about Madrid Taxis

  • Madrid taxis are white. They have red stripes on their doors along with Madrid’s coat of arms, the city’s emblem.
  • You should always use the official Madrid taxis, as unlicensed individuals will more likely overcharge you.
  • Once entering the vehicle, you should notice if the taximeter is on. 
  • You should always ask for a receipt at the end of the ride. All the driver’s info is displayed there.
  • In case you want to make an official complaint, you should contact the City Council at +34 91 529 8210.
  • Despite the predetermined fares, many taxi drivers overcharge their clients. Thus, you should download a navigation app to rest assured that the driver doesn’t make unnecessary circles to raise the final price.
  • If you need a taxi service for people with reduced mobility, you have to book your ride in advance. 
  • Pets, wheelchairs, and luggage don’t bring an extra charge.
  • The majority of Madrid taxi drivers don’t speak English fluently, or at all. Hence, you should have your destination’s address written down to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Tipping isn’t obligatory. Still, if the provided services meet up with the expectations, it is customary to round up the price.


How do you call a taxi in Madrid?

If you want to book your taxi ride in advance, you can either call one of the many taxi companies in Madrid or use one of the taxi apps. In any case, your taxi will be there to pick you up in about 5 minutes.

Are taxis safe in Madrid?

Taxi drivers in Madrid offer fast and safe services. Overall, they are polite and friendly, even though some scamming incidents have been reported. However, please note that most of them aren’t English-speaking.

Do you tip taxi drivers in Spain?

You don’t have to leave a tip for your taxi ride in Madrid. Nevertheless, if your transfer is comfortable and fast and the driver is helpful, tipping will be more than welcome. You can also round up the final fare.