Madrid Airport Taxis

Taxi Fares, Taxi Airport Stands and Popular Routes from MAD Airport

Why Take a Madrid Airport Taxi

The airport may be efficiently served by Madrid’s public transportation system, still, taxis are Madrid Airport’s most comfortable transfer option. Airport taxis are always present at the numerous official airport taxi stands, no matter day or night. Madrid taxis, white with a red stripe on their sides, offer premium and fast transfer services from the airport to the city of Madrid, dropping off passengers at the exact location of their destination. Hence, if you are up for a convenient transfer, why not put your luggage in the taxi trunk and let the taxi driver take you to your hotel’s entrance? There is absolutely no need to drag your luggage around or try to find your way to Madrid. 

As far as taxi fares are concerned, taxi fees are regulated by the government. However, the official price list tends to be complicated, charging different prices depending on the arrival and departure point. Overall, taxi rides are considered a value-for-money option, even if their price is much higher than the public transportation ticket fees.

Madrid Airport Taxi Fares and Prices

Madrid taxis are basically metered. Thus, their fare is defined by the taximeter’s indication, based on the distance and the travel, as well as the waiting time. However, the taxi price list is divided into 7 categories, depending on the time of the day, the departure, and the destination area.

Regarding taxi airport transfers, they are split up into 2 fare rates. The tariff for airport taxi rides whose destination areas are inside the M-30 zone of Madrid (Calle-30, the inner ring of the city) is set at 30€/30$. The charge isn’t subject to changes according to the time of day while traveling time is 20 minutes depending on the roads’ traffic. What’s more, no supplementary fees apply to this taxi fare. For airport taxi transfers to destinations outside the M-30 but within a 9.5km distance, the initial tariff is 20€/20$, and the cost per km is 1.15€/1.15$. After 9.5km, the tariff changes automatically. Finally, please note that no extra charges apply for night rides.


Taxi TariffInitial ChargeCharge per kmWaiting time
Fare 3
(From Airport to outside the inner ring - max. 9.5km)
Fare 4
(From Airport to M-30)
30€/30$ set price
- -

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Madrid Airport Taxi Fees to Popular Destinations

Is your journey end outside the city center? Check out the tariffs for some of the most popular destinations inside and adjacent to the city of Madrid:

FromToDaytime PriceNighttime Price
Madrid AirportMadrid City Center
30€/30$30€/30$20 min
Madrid Airport
Estación Sur
(Main Bus Station)
35€/35$35€/35$18 min
Madrid Airport
Atocha Train Station
30€/30$30€/30$20 min
Madrid AirportChamartin Train Station
32€/32$32€/32$15 min
Madrid Airport
Toledo100€/100$120€/120$65 min
Madrid Airport
Segovia130€/130$150€/150$70 min

Where is the Taxi Rank at Madrid Barajas Airport?

Taxi ranks are scattered all over the airport’s complex. Each terminal has its own designated areas where the official Madrid airport taxis are lining up, waiting for passengers’ arrival. Hence, T2, T3, and T4 have two taxi areas, one at the Departures zone (on floor 2) and one at the Arrivals section (on the ground floor). The taxi ranks at T1 lie on the first floor of the Departures area and the ground level of the Arrivals zone. 

It is highly advisable to hire your taxi strictly from the official taxi ranks and not trust individual taxi drivers who volunteer to transfer you to your destination. Freelancer taxi drivers are known for tricking passengers in order to scam and overcharge them.

Airport Taxi from Madrid Airport to Hotel

Many hotels offer free shuttle transfers from MAD Airport. However, if that’s not the case, Madrid airport taxis are the most relaxed and convenient way to reach your hotel. Numerous reasons can entice you to take an airport taxi for your ride. To begin with, airport taxis are available at the airport round the clock. Thus, you won’t have to worry if you are to arrive at MAD Airport late at night. Moreover, taxis offer door-to-door services. Is it your first time in Madrid? You can check in to your accommodation stress-free, without trying to navigate around the city. Last but not least, by hiring a taxi, you’ll have your luggage safely stored in the vehicle’s trunk. Hence, you can steer clear of all the hassle of carrying your personal belongings around or having them exposed during your public transportation transfers.

Your Madrid Airport Taxi Tips & Tricks

  • Madrid taxis are white with a red stripe at their sides and a sticker with the official seal of Madrid displayed on the doors. 
  • You must, under any circumstances, use only the official taxi vehicles, as unlicensed individual drivers are most probably going to overcharge you.
  • Make sure the driver has set on the taximeter once entering the cab.
  • It is advisable to ask for a receipt. It will help you greatly, in case you have forgotten something in the vehicle, or you want to make an official complaint. 
  • You should have your hotel’s address written down as many taxi drivers don’t speak English fluently. 
  • Most Madrid taxis accept payments via bank cards. However, you should, anyhow, carry some cash with you.  
  • Pets and guide dogs can travel for free.
  • There is no extra charge for luggage.
  • Night rides don’t affect the final price for taxi Fares 3 and 4. 
  • Ridesharing is also an option at MAD Airport. Ridesharing companies, such as Uber, are present at Suárez International Airport.


How much is a taxi from Madrid Airport to city center?

A taxi transfer from MAD Airport to the M-30 zone of Madrid costs 30€/30$. However, if your destination is outside the M-30 area, Tariff 3 will apply, meaning that the minimum fare will be 20€/20$ and the price per km 1.15€/1.15$ for the first 9.5km. After that distance, a different tariff will be charged.

Do taxis in Madrid take credit cards?

Normally Madrid taxis accept credit/debit cards. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to have some cash with you, in case the POS machine is broken, etc.

Do you tip taxi drivers in Madrid?

Tipping in Spain isn’t obligatory. However, if your taxi ride from Madrid Airport was satisfactory, leaving an extra tip will be more than welcomed by your taxi driver.